Freedom Through Spiritual Discernment

Discerning What is God’s Will for Your Life?
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Living in Freedom through Discernment of Spirits

Very often we cannot see clearly into ourselves, or discern our motivations, and light will come when we put what we are living through into words, talking to someone experi enced in the spiritual life. It also draws on the history of faith, on the experiences of the holy men and women of our tradition, as well as the supportive and encouraging presence of those who serve in the church today. Freedom and discernment go hand in hand. For example, a divine inspiration cannot ask me to commit acts that the Church considers immoral. First, I learn that I have worth apart from any of the things or people in the world that are present or absent from my life. Instead of dealing with a discrete moment or event, discernment is attentive to the ongoing movements of soul and spirit in all their particularities and historical unfolding.

Any peace it does bring will only be superficial, and will soon disappear, to be replaced by disturbance. We may refuse to acknowledge this disturbance and relegate it to the depths of our minds, but it is still there, ready to reemerge at the moment of truth.

He is not wrong to say this, in that context.

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That would make us fall into anexaggerated ascetical voluntarism that had nothing to do with the freedom of the Holy Spirit. We might even add that the idea that God is always asking us for what we find most difficult is the kind of thought that the devil typicallysuggests in order to discourage people and turn them away from God.

God is a Father, and he is certainly a demanding one because he loves us and invites us to give him everything; but he is not an executioner.

He very often leaves us to our free choice. When he requires something of us, it is to help us grow in love. The only commandment is to love. We can suffer for love, but we can also rejoice in love and rest in love. It is a trap of our imagination or of the devil to picture a life spent following God as something imprisoning, in complete, constant contradiction with all our own desires, even the most legitimate ones.

Freedom - Intro to the Spiritual Exercises

When the suggestion that comes to us isabout much more important things—a vocation, a change of direction in our life, choices that may have serious repercussions on other people, or else something that clearly goes beyond the habitual rule of life for the vocation we have received—then it is essential not to decide anything without submitting that inspiration to a spiritual director or a superior.

He unrolled the scroll and found the passage where it was written:.

The Way of Discernment Quotes

Rolling up the scroll, he handed it back to the attendant and sat down, and the eyes of all in the synagogue looked intently at him. What is holding me captive?


Is it a pressure I place upon myself? A sin?

An unhealthy relationship? A material thing?

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A life of freedom in God is not without difficulty. Am I free enough to accept the challenges of life and move through them with the power of God? In his Principle and Foundation St Ignatius says we must make ourselves indifferent to all created things.

Some Ignatian principles for making prayerful decisions

Sometimes we cling to comfort or money or health. These things are gift, but sometimes we become too attached to them.

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Are there pleasurable things in my life that become an unfreedom, a distraction from living my life for God? In the synagogue that day Jesus takes a risk to speak the truth to his community.

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He freely accepts his calling. Sometimes I am blinded to my true self. I need sight.

Am I free to acknowledge the truth of who God is calling me to be?