Hamburg - eine geteilte Stadt? Mentale Bilder von Stadt und Urbanität (German Edition)

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Es gibt eine Vielzahl an Methoden und Techniken. Ich liebe die verschiedenen Designs, und versuche sie in jedem meiner Werke zu erhalten. Diese Arbeiten scheinen eine Art Bezug zu den sogenannten primitiven Masken zu haben, aber genauso wohnt ihnen ein Hauch Science-Fiction inne.

Ich habe sie mir zuerst als Masken und Schaubilder vorgestellt. Aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob wir diese hier verstanden haben. Das ist der Anfang einer neuen Blickweise, und wir fangen gerade erst an, zu verstehen, wie die Maschine uns sehen wird.

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Es ist ein neues Portrait. Und all das kann durch andere Algorithmen miteinander verbunden und analysiert werden.

Sie hat eine lustige Verbindung zum Kubismus in seinem Versuch, verschiedene Dimensionen miteinander zu verbinden. Was bedeutet das, in einer Welt der Transparenz zu leben? Ich bin mir auch sicher, dass es missbraucht werden wird, daran besteht kein Zweifel. Auf der anderen Seite begeistert mich die neue Bildsprache, die der Biometrik im allgemeinen entspringt.

Die Texte entfalten sich den Leuten im Lauf der Zeit, ich werde sie hier nicht ausdrucken. Download des Texts auf Deutsch. Her last solo-exhibition at a gallery took place in ; thus 40 years later the Gallery Hans Mayer pays homage to the artist in her hometown. A black-and-white photograph illustrated the article showing the tunnel-entrance to the subterranean headquarter in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado: a tunnel-entrance as contemplative as anywhere in the Alpes — a military Jeep cum driver giving an idea of the size of the site.

Katharina Sieverding enlarged this small image to the scale projection of 4 by 5.

Two juxtaposing colors are at the same time graphic element as well as message: an aggressive red signaling alert and a soothingly comforting green. The coloration of the other works is also highly contrastive. Behind purple metal bars appears a young man in semi-profile whose glance seemingly is directed rather inward than down-ward.

His prison cell, his hair and his outlines again bear shades of green — a doomed man awaiting his execution. The third image is also derived from a publicized original: A man hovers over a naked woman on a beach who is half-way buried in the sand; only her head, shoulder, breast protrude from the sand in various shades of blue while the man is kept in red.

Hamburg - eine geteilte Stadt? Mentale Bilder von Stadt und Urbanität

An uncertain, sexually charged situation. All three images are executed twice in distinctive coloring, in varying coarsened projections or as mirror image.

Mentale Stärke beim Marathon - Mentaltraining zur Selbstführung - mit Jürgen Zwickel

Although these works were created 36 year ago, they have not lost any of their immediate impact. In conversation, Katharina Sieverding points to the various crises of our time, from Russia, to the Middle East or Asia. The term for the end of a movie was the code word for the highest alarm in the Central Atomic Command in Colorado. By posting the name of the subterranean military base she released these six photographic images of their real image plain.

Alienation as a means in order to illustrate and to intensify. Photography to her is a means of thinking, a tool for her dealing with issues of our time. Initially the photo-sheets were pinned to the wall and billowed on the floor or in front of the wall depending on the exhibition-space and the humidity it was easier to have them rolled in order to transport them to the various museums and exhibition-spaces where they were on display. For the presentation at the Gallery Hans Mayer, Katharina Sieverding placed them in ridged frames, which makes the montages all the more startling.

She collaborated with Fritz Kortner who invited her to the Burgtheater in Vienna and with the influential stage set-designer Teo Otto. The English poet W. Auden once wrote good drama derives from the relationship between expecta-tion and the confrontation with reality. His first German solo exhibition with Hans Mayer took place in at the Op art gallery in Esslingen and he has been exhibited consistently ever since.

They were interested in developing a coherent abstract visual language through the use of simple geometric elements. There will be a presentation by Dr. Both bodies of work were initially created in , while Longo was living in Paris This work was in response to the seismic social and political changes after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the demise of the Soviet Union, and the first Gulf War.

The eponymous piece in the show consists of three large-scale wax on wood reliefs: a circle, a square, and a cross; each relief that Longo presents is immersed in an extreme, high-powered light, constructing a white frame around each relief. Longo also presents about a dozen works on paper, selected out of hundreds from his Face Time series, which Longo created from — This series, for which Longo created a single work each day, developed into a kind of meditation. Together, the two bodies of work explore the potential in the polarities of materiality in securing recognizable form.

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The defiantly solid materiality of the installation The Invention of Zero After Malevich balances the ephemerality of the works on paper. The lack of image urges the audience to become overwhelmed by their own physicality. Bloms Interesse gilt dem Erforschen moderner und avantgardistischer Themen.

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Die Welt, welche er in seinem Atelier erschafft, dekonstruiert den Mythos des modernen Malers. Man muss die Maschine neu starten, das dauert eine Weile, und sobald man wieder im Rhythmus ist, sind die Ergebnisse anders als zuvor, immer etwas Neues. Man ist bereits woanders, aber man ist sich dessen noch nicht bewusst. Sie sind wie Polizisten: Die Gesellschaft braucht sie zwar, aber sie sind total berechenbar, immer einen Schritt hinterher und absolut humorlos. Ich hatte immer den Verdacht, dass Ideen einer wirklich interessanten Arbeit nur im Wege stehen.

URBANITÄT - Definition and synonyms of Urbanität in the German dictionary

Anscheinend haben ebendiese Figuren Bacon dazu inspiriert Maler zu werden. In meiner Vorstellung beschwor diese Wortfolge die fantastischsten Bilder. Der Kontext, in dem sie erschien, war ein Artikel, in dem der Kritiker Thomas Craven die Amerikaner der 30er Jahre vor dem frivolen, modernistischen Einfluss Europas warnt. Die Farbe kann sich nicht setzen, bis die Form sich selbst rechtfertigt. Zander Blom wurde in Pretoria geboren und lebt in Cape Town. I was sitting alone in a restaurant. It was my birthday. This raised the obvious question of why anyone would have the double desire of having and eating a cake.

Is there really a feeling of loss as it is swallowed? I ordered a cake trying to resolve this question. The waitress delivered it. It was marble cake with white icing. Only two weeks before I had been in Rome. I stayed in a hotel near the Pantheon.

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The Pantheon is a white circular shaped building made of marble, with a dome like top. It was build for the Roman Gods but later used as a Christian Church. I had not traveled alone, and the memories of the many evenings we spent together dining in the restaurants came back to me as I sat there eating at the empty table.

Oursler presents Obscura, which consists of projections of eyes onto spheres of varying dimensions. This iteration is newly developed for Hans Mayer Gallery, and includes numerous new video elements shot especially for the exhibition. The artist explores our relationship to multimedia screens, including televisions, computers, smart phones, and cinema, as his subject matter for this large scale installation.