HEART to HEART [11] (Carp)

MLP and CARP are linked to chronic PKCα signalling in dilated cardiomyopathy
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Human CARP is a Studies have shown that CARP can homodimerize. Subsequent studies showed that CARP expression in cardiomyocytes is regulated by alpha-adrenergic signaling , in part via the transcription factor GATA4. In animal models of disease and injury, CARP has been characterized to be a stress-inducible myofibrillar protein. Interactions between CARP and the sarcomeric proteins myopalladin and titin suggest that it may also be involved in the myofibrillar stretch-sensor system.

A missense mutation in ANKRD1 was shown to be associated with the congenital heart defect, Anomalous pulmonary venous connection. Another study in congenital muscular dystrophy and Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients showed elevated expression of CARP. ANKRD1 has been shown to interact with:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chromosome 10 human [1]. National Center for Biotechnology Information, U. National Library of Medicine.

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Cardiac Ankyrin Repeat Protein (CARP) Expression in Human and Murine Atherosclerotic Lesions

CARP, a nuclear modulator of gene expression in cardiac progenitor cells and cardiomyocytes". The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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Forums Other Sciences Biology and Medical. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hi, I'm trying to find out what would be the expected pulse rate and frequency of emitted sound by a carp's heart beat where the fish is of size around 5kg 10lb plus. Does anyone know where I might find such information, or have a reasonable guess as to what it might be?

1. Introduction

Related Biology and Medical News on Phys. Q1: The pulse rate is largely dictated by water temperature since carp are poikilotheric - cold blooded. In general, fish can "exert" themselves for short bursts of energy which would, I assume, elevate pulse rate for a short period of time. But because of available oxygen carp are experts at living in water with low 02 levels long term exertion will result in severe tissue oxygen depletion.

All this means is that virtually all the time the carp's pulse rate is dicated by water temperature. Q2: I have no idea.

A Tranquil Heart - Pike or Carp?

Are you implying that pusle rate has something to do with heart sound frequencies?. By the way, you can google for heart sounds and see what heart sounds are like. Can't find any fishy references.

Note: fish hearts and mammalian hearts are different. Thanks for the reply jim. Last Post Apr 25, Replies 14 Views 8K. Last Post Apr 11, Replies 2 Views 10K. Last Post Jun 25, Replies 9 Views 8K.