Prometheus Unleashed

Prometheus Unleashed
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All mass casualty burn disasters pose potential challenges to first responders, emergency, crisis and disaster managers and health care providers. Let us imagine and consider one scenario which this author has proposed to emergency planning committees in the past. The scenario involves the hijacking or theft of fuel trucks in several locations with the intent of either crashing them into crowded public venues or possibly detonating the tankers loaded with fuel.

A carefully laid out tactical plan by a band of determined operatives would create a multifocal disaster that could generate scores of burn casualties requiring emergent and on-going burn care and rehabilitation.

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Chemical burn management will also require decontamination assets. What if stationary radiological devices are covertly placed in businesses, schools, places of worship, theatres or countless other venues and individuals are irradiated? Wound healing related to radiation burns, especially if the immune system is compromised and there are other co-morbidities present, becomes delayed and chronic care will be required which may overtax health care resources, including rehabilitative and long term care facilities.

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Prometheus: brand new video of Guy Pearce released

EMS and hospital planning coordination,with consideration of stockpiling burn related supplies and equipment to support initial burn care response prior to transfer to burn center and to sustain care for an extended period, if necessary. In most countries,burn center capacity is limited. In the U. At least 37 killed in a Canadian miner convoy attack involving….

Iran resumes uranium enrichment at Fordow nuclear site. The art form that is used for this purpose and that quite simply engages the body of the spectator, is immersion. There are multiple ways of sharing immersive environments with the public but the main critera is for the art form to be live: theatre, installations and performances. These real -time creations anchor the immersive experience in the here and now. In the here and now the sole contact point between humans and technology.

“Frankenstein 2.0: Or, the postmodern Prometheus”: bicentennial edition

In the here and now CREW confronts a wide and international audience personally and bodily with that which surrounds us, our place in it and the way we perceive ourselves. Mercury departs at the omen, and the furies begin to taunt Prometheus by saying that they attack people from within before they attack Prometheus without. After all of the furies but one leave, Panthea and Ione despair over Prometheus's tortured body.

Soon after, Prometheus declares that peace comes with death, but that he would never want to be mortal. Their words are soon repeated by Echoes, which join in telling the two to follow. Scene II takes place in a forest with a group of spirits and fauns. Asia questions Demogorgon about the creator of the world, and Demogorgon declares that God created all, including all of the good and all of the bad.

Prometheus, she continues, gave man fire, the knowledge of mining, speech, science, and medicine. Asia declares that Demogorgon's answer is the same as that her own heart had given her, and then asks when Prometheus will be freed. Demogorgon cries out "Behold! One Hour stays to talk to Asia, and Asia questions him as to who he is. Panthea witnesses another Hour come, and that Hour asks Asia and Panthea to ride with him.

The chariot takes off, and Scene V takes place upon a mountaintop as the chariot stops. The Hour claims that his horses are tired, but Asia encourages him onwards. Flows from thy mighty sister. Panthea realises that Asia is changed, and described how her sister radiates with beauty.

A song fills the air singing the "Life of Life", a song about the power of love. Jupiter speaks to the gods and calls them to rejoice over his omnipotence. Awful shape, what art though? He proclaims himself to be Jupiter's child and more powerful than Jupiter. Jupiter pleads for mercy, and claims that not even Prometheus would have him suffer.

When Demogorgon does not respond, Jupiter declares that he shall fight Demogorgon, but as Jupiter moves to attack, the elements refuse to help him and so Jupiter falls.

Apollo declares that he will not dwell on the fall, and the two part. Hercules tells Prometheus: "Most glorious among spirits! Asia questions Earth as to why she mentions death, and the Earth responds that Asia could not understand because she is immortal. She then describes the nature of death, of war, and faithless faith. She then calls forth a spirit, her torch bearer, who would guide Prometheus, Asia, and the others to a temple that was once dedicated to Prometheus and will become their cave to dwell in.

Scene IV takes place in a forest near the cave, the place the spirit guided them. Prometheus describes how the spirit was once close to Asia, and Asia and the spirit begin to talk to each other about nature and love.

7th Nemesis - Prometheus Unleashed

The voice describes the dawn before a group of dark forms and shadows, who claim to be the dead Hours, begin to sing of the King of the Hours' death. Ione awakes and asks Panthea who they were, and Panthea explains.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Meet the two halves of the writing team of JoAnn and Jim Prometheus Unleashed by [Carland, JoAnn, Carland, Jim]. Prometheus Unleashed: Science as a Diplomatic Weapon in the. Lyndon B. Johnson Administration. By Ronald E. Doel and Kristine C. Harper*. ABSTRACT.

The voice breaks in to ask "where are ye" before the Hours describe their history. Panthea describes spirits of the human mind approaching, and these spirits soon join in with the others singing and rejoice in love. Eventually, they decide to break their song and go across the world to proclaim love. The Earth interrupts and describes "The joy, the triumph, the delight, the madness! The Earth explains how all of the world "Laugh with a vast and inextinguishable laughter". The Earth sings of how man is restored and united: "Man, oh, not men!

Panthea and Ione interrupt the Earth and the Moon by describing the passing of the music as a nymph rising from water. The only imaginary being, resembling in any degree Prometheus, is Satan; and Prometheus is, in my judgment, a more poetical character than Satan, because, in addition to courage, and majesty, and firm and patient opposition to omnipotent force, he is susceptible of being described as exempt from the taints of ambition, envy, revenge, and a desire for personal aggrandizement, which, in the hero of Paradise Lost, interfere with the interest.

The character of Satan engenders in the mind a pernicious casuistry which leads us to weigh his faults with his wrongs, and to excuse the former because the latter exceed all measure. In the minds of those who consider that magnificent fiction with a religious feeling it engenders something worse. But Prometheus is, as it were, the type of the highest perfection of moral and intellectual nature, impelled by the purest and the truest motives to the best and noblest ends.

In other words, while Milton's Satan embodies a spirit of rebellion, and, as Maud Bodkin claims, "The theme of his heroic struggle and endurance against hopeless odds wakens in poet and reader a sense of his own state as against the odds of his destiny", [59] his character is flawed because his aims are not humanistic. Satan is like Prometheus in his struggle against the universe, but Satan loses his heroic aspect after being turned into a serpent who desires only revenge and becomes an enemy to mankind. We must similarly recognize that within our actual experience the factors we distinguish are more massively intangible, more mutually incompatible and more insistent than they can appear as translated into reflective speech.

Take, for example, the sense of sin imaginatively revived as we respond to Milton's presentation of Satan, or to the condemnation, suggested by Aeschylus' drama, of the rebellion of Prometheus in effecting the 'progress' of man. What in our analysis we might express as the thought that progress is evil or sinful, would, in the mind of Aeschylus, Abercromer comments, 'more likely be a shadowy relic of loyalty to the tribe' — a vague fear of anything that might weaken social solidarity.