SMART Self-Management And Recovery Training
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Then, you recover, and your body adapts to better respond to that stress. The specific adaptations depend on what specific exercise you do, but in layman's lingo we generally know the adaptation effect as getting "into better shape.

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Essentially, this means that your body is able to use more oxygen while working out, which boosts endurance. If you lift weights or do body weight exercise, the main adaptation is called muscle hypertrophy and increases the size of your muscles to make you stronger. The list of physical changes your body makes after working out is endless, but the point is that they all take time and rest to occur.

Ergo, if you don't give yourself time to recover, you won't get as fit. When athletes and yes, you are able to recover quickly , they can hit the next workout with their full ability and maximize performance. If you don't take enough rest after each session, you won't give your body enough time to reap the full effects of your exercise and may even fall victim to overtraining.

If you enhance your recovery, your body will adapt better to the stress you're putting yourself through and you may even get fitter for the same workout intensity and frequency. While old-school recovery techniques , like getting enough sleep or eating more protein are tried and true, high-tech equipment will up your game and get you ready to hop back in the gym in record time. The tools listed below will aid your efforts in a wide variety of ways, including everything from allowing you to perform fancy massage techniques on sore muscles to transforming body heat into radiation that literally helps your cells grow faster.

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Plus, who doesn't want more fancy toys to help their fitness pursuits? These devices are all tools that you can use at home, so forget the days of expensive spa treatments and start recovering from the comfort of your couch. Spryng's soon to be available calf compression device works by helping get rid of that swelling that makes your legs feel sore, increasing blood flow to your muscles and helping them heal faster.

Plus, the gentle squeeze feels nice after a long day on your feet.

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Spryng is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo , with an expected delivery in September HyperIce's vibrating foam roller combines a massaging technique with vibration therapy for a two-in-one punch to your sore muscles. Both myofascial release aka foam rolling and vibration therapy help loosen tight muscles, providing relief from soreness and improving blood flow. While anyone who has used a foam roller knows that it hurts in the moment, the pain is worth it when you wake up the next morning feeling amazing.

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UnderArmour's sleepwear has technology that absorbs the heat your body emits and reflects it back as far infrared radiation that encourages cell regrowth. Cell regeneration is a key part of muscle growth, because when the muscle repairs itself to grow stronger it needs new tissue and more cells.

While the technology feels straight out of a movie, the research suggests it is legit. And if Tom Brady's in, I'm in.

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Use this for an effort-free way to feel even more fresh after a great night's sleep. Use it on any instrument, drum machine, synth, or vocal. White Gold creates densely lush harmonized textures, synthesized pads, and shimmering ensembles. The all new Jupiter Spirits modular device orbits around the engine of many legendary synths of the s, the classic CEM chip.

The Pearl is a compact, simple to use, player-friendly pedal with a monster, low-end tone.

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In short, it is a force to be reckoned with. The Pearl Eurorack module is an adaption of our pedal bearing the same name. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Just before I was about to throw the hard disk to the garbage, I downloaded and tried out Zero Assumption Recovery. To my amazement, it was able to access my inaccessible hard drive.

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Many thanks for the use of your tool Zero Assumption Image Recovery, I had lost all the photos of my new born baby girl and have been trying to get them back for the past 2 days. With your program it was quick, easy and very effective.


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