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After a few days have passed, zoom back in on your trap. If the game course event won't fire even after multiple days, saving, quitting, and reloading usually helps. If you haven't got anything, just leave the area, and check it periodically, but with a bit of luck, you'll have caught something. If you built a trap pit and think there's too much meat if you managed to catch an elk , for example , make a fire so you can cook some immediately you may need to d rop some meat to be able to move.

If it's early spring, you can dry the meat provided you have cords. You can also go to the village to dry the meat. Stand beside a building and use its wall as a place to dry the meat. Fence the area off to stop villagers stealing the food. Beware, dismantling fences even those you placed yourself in the town will cause the villagers to attack you if they catch you.

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Even if you don't have a weapon, you can flee past the traps to trick a pursuer into pathing across them, or hide inside until the enemy steps on one of them. Peter Nespesny 4 years ago. That way, you'll have two nets so you won't starve to death and you can use them as a 'home base'. Penolopy Bulnick TomH Reply 3 years ago. Culture affects your starting Skill points, and will determine the possible range of your stats as detailed here. Plants with passive traps attract prey to their trap. You may choose not to provide us with any personally-identifying information.

In fact, you need to go to a village anyways for the next part of the course. If you wandered too far away from a village you've seen before, hit F6 to open up a map. Once you're in, you need to trade something. Punts weigh 30 lbs, while rafts weigh 80 lbs. The difference is, you can make a raft, but you have to trade for a punt. Try to get a punt by trading away any excess meat from your catch. If you can't get one, you'll have to bite the bullet and build a raft 1.

To do so, equip either a sesta or a paddle both can be made , drop the vehicle at your feet, then just use the arrow keys to move into the water. Try to use a paddle, so that you can cross deeper water. In the task "Watercourse" you get a handaxe.

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Next, you have to actually catch something by fishing. This isn't especially hard, just a matter of time. If you want to get some better fish, fish in rapid tiles. Those are the water tiles which have white highlights. You can catch salmon and trout in them, and they are both brilliant sources of food. Hopefully, completing the course up to this should not have taken a long time. We're going to try and build a little house, nothing fancy, just somewhere to tide us over the winter. Firstly, get some supplies ready. Find a good site to build your house. Islands, especially those on rivers, are ideal. Failing that, go for somewhere surrounded on at least three sides by water.

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Alternatively, building your house next to rapids will allow you access to water year round without having to break the ice every time as rapids don't freeze. Build your house on the waterfront, because you can transport logs en masse by raft, instead of having to haul them individually.

Each section of wall requires 6 logs, which are made from tree trunks using the Timbercraft menu. To prepare for an upcoming task, fence off a small area for an animal pen. Note that you don't actually have to finish the whole building to complete this part of the course, just a single wall section. Also note that a shutter does not count as a wall in this course I dont know about corners and will not finish it. You don't have to finish the entire house at once, obviously.

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Take some time off to trade for some nets, or make another trap fence nearby to get a continuous source of food. After you've built at least one segment of your future home, you will go on to the Agriculture task.

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The game will give you a shovel and some seeds for farming. DO NOT eat them! If you eat all of them, you will either have to wait until autumn to grab some vegetables to plant, or you will have to find them in shops for trade. First prepare your fields by lighting fires on where you want to plow.

Branches can be cut from any tree and they are a side product of carving tree trunks into logs, so there should be plenty lying around after the previous task. Probably the fastest way to get the field ready is to arrange branches in piles of 3 in the squares where you want your field to be and light them all individually using the f key. Fires are much easier to light when there's already a fire in the neighboring square. If you don't wish to light all the fires yourself, you can pile the branches in 4's instead of 3's and light only two squares in a corner.

The fire will then spread to other squares once the original fires burn out. See the Plants page to check what plants have enough growing time before their withering month, if you intend to get a harvest. Notice, that you'll only need to plant a single square to accomplish this task.

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If you want to quickly proceed to the next task, preparing and planting a place of an old fire, e. Be careful when lighting the fires though, as the fire will spread to other nearby flammable objects and buildings e. If you start in winter, you'll have to wait until when the weather is warmer, which is months away, to be able to plant seeds.

Good for preparing huge tracts of land, not so good if you're looking to breeze through the course. Of course, if it was your first time -- what are you doing, starting in winter? We're almost done with the entire course! Now we need to get an animal. There should be an option to b uy an animal. Pick an animal to trade for, then barter accordingly. Try to buy either a cow or a dog. Dogs are good hunting companions, while cows can carry a lot and give you milk.

Once you get it, immediately a pply the rope in your inventory to the animal, so that you leash it. Your animal never needs to be fed, unless it's a dog, and it won't die unless you, or something else, kills it. Unlike other animals, a dog should be fed regularly. The very last thing you have to do is get a companion. Companions can be recruited from villages. Companions want two things in return for working for you, weapons and food.

Food shouldn't be a problem if you have a productive trap fence or nets. Alternatively, you could trade a staff for some bread, and give it to him. Weapons are a bit more tricky. Companions want different weapons, so simply giving him 10 javelins won't cut it. Try giving him a staff and a javelin, or a club and a staff.

If you want him to chop down trees for you, he'll need an axe.