The Doctrine of Conversion

Chapter XX: Conversion: Repentance and Faith
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If a person does not trust in Christ, that person is not saved. It is important that we know both the content doctrine and the Person Jesus Christ of the gospel to be converted. If one wishes to become a chess master, he must learn the rules of the game and discipline himself to play by them. This is sometimes called the Roman Road of Salvation since the verses that are often used to lead a person to Christ are found in the Book of Romans. The first step in this plan is to know your need.

equitable conversion doctrine

This does not mean there is nothing good in man but rather that none of us is as righteous as God himself. God has a perfect standard of holiness required for entrance into heaven. It makes little difference how good we are. We are not good enough. If a marathon runner attempts to set an Olympic record, it makes little difference if he misses by five seconds or five hours.

He has missed the standard he had set for himself. The second step is to know the penalty. This refers to both physical and spiritual death. Physical death occurs upon the separation of the body and spirit of man James Spiritual death occurs when one is eternally separated from God.

Regeneration and Conversion

This provision is found in the gospel. Because we could not pay the price for our sins, Jesus did. Today he provides salvation as a free gift to all who will take it Rom. Jesus provided what we could not provide for ourselves.

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A person can know the above three steps in this plan and never be saved. He must personally respond. But then I explain to them that believing that the chair will hold me is not the same thing as trusting the chair to hold me.

I trust the chair to hold me only when I sit in it. Second , the Bible teaches that repentance is a turning from sin to follow Christ.

Converted from error to truth

Equitable conversion is a doctrine of the law of real property under which a purchaser of real property becomes the equitable owner of title to the property at the. far-reaching as the doctrine of equitable conversion. Too often this doctrine is thought of in a single context: The consequences, in equity, flowing from a contract.

Here it is important to consider examples from both the Old and New Testaments, since the New Testament Greek terminology is heavily influenced by the Old Testament Hebrew terminology, and since the Scriptural concept of repentance has been under such attack these days. As we look at these texts, it is quite easy to see what the true nature of repentance is, that it involves s orrow for and turning from sin. We will begin with an example from the Book of Job:.

For why should you die, O house of Israel? So, as pointed out above, these passages demonstrate that repentance involves a sorrow for and a turning from sin. We will see in the following passages that the New testament concept of repentance is the same as in the Old Testament. We will begin with an example from the Gospel of Luke:.


There is only one gospel Gal. This creates an immediate notional conversion. Where the two legacies are to for different amounts, they are presumed to be cumulative. The idea of Elders in Israel swearing, lying and giving way to intoxication is far beneath them; they ought to be above such things. Email Address.

For I perceive that the same epistle made you sorry, though only for a while. For you were made sorry in a godly manner, that you might suffer loss from us in nothing. Thus we will focus our attention on those passages which speak of faith and repentance in the context of conversion rather than of the Christian life subsequent to conversion. In the process we will see that, although it is true that faith and repentance are not always mentioned together in Scripture, they are nevertheless two inseparable aspects of conversion and that the mention of one always presupposes and implies the other.

The Christian Idea of Conversion pt1

First , sometimes only faith is mentioned as necessary in coming to Christ for salvation. Second , sometimes only repentance is mentioned as necessary in coming to Christ for salvation. And why do these same Apostles sometimes demand faith and sometimes demand repentance if they do not see them as connected and even interchangeable? That they are so connected will become clear as we consider the next point.

The Doctrine of Conversion: Understanding Faith and Repentance (Teaching Outline)

Third , sometimes faith and repentance are mentioned together as necessary in coming to Christ for salvation. Repent, and believe in the gospel. Wayne Grudem also summarizes this relationship well when he writes that:. Scripture puts repentance and faith together as different aspects of the one act of coming to Christ for salvation. It is not that a person first turns from sin and next trusts in Christ, or first trusts in Christ and then turns from sin, but rather that both occur at the same time. When we turn to Christ for salvation from our sins, we are simultaneously turning away from the sins that we are asking Christ to save us from.

If that were not true our turning to Christ for salvation from sin could hardly be a genuine turning to him or trusting in him. In a situation in which people had already recognized their sins before God and were clearly repentant, all that needed to be stressed was faith in Christ. And where people clearly believed the message about who Christ is as Savior and Lord, all that needed to be stressed was repentance from sin when coming to Him for salvation.

But before we finish our brief Biblical survey today, we must also understand that neither faith nor repentance are things we can do in and of ourselves. This leads us to our third and final major heading. Here we address another point of contention among Evangelical Christians today, for there are many who seem determined to confine both faith and repentance to the work of man even as they inconsistently decry works salvation.

The Bible, on the other hand, sees both faith and repentance as coming from God.

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So, when Jesus says here that no one can come to Him unless it has been granted to him by the Father, He means that no one can believe in Him unless it has been granted to him by the Father. Instead, seller held an interest in the personal property, specifically the proceeds from the sale of the real property. Seller's heirs may be entitled to those proceeds, but buyer will be entitled to the real property.

And on that note, if buyer were to die during the period prior to closing, buyer's heirs would have the right to the real property. Labels: Real Property. No comments:.

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