The Rover Boys In The Mountains Or, A Hunt for Fun and Fortune (TREDITION CLASSICS)

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In episodes that never moralize or talk down to kids, Arthur and his friends encounter the joys and difficulties that all kids experience. From telling the truth to wetting the bed, Arthur manages to handle each situation with imagination, kindness, and humor. The series also models the joys and rewards of literacy by presenting the many ways kids--and adults--incorporate reading and writing into their lives.

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Arthur's best buddy Binky Barnes is about to go through a serious life change-He's going to become a big brother! No, his parents aren't having another child, they're adopting one. But this is no ordinary adoption, since Binky's new kid sister is coming all the way from China! This is the story of Binky and his family going to China to meet their new family member and how they learn about a different culture as well.

It is also a humorous and entertaining TV show that has charmed public television audiences for years. Gets Lost; D. Based on the best-selling children's books by Marc Brown and a Daytime Emmy Award-Winner for Outstanding Children's Animated Program, Arthur chronicles the adventures of the world's most famous aardvark, eight-year-old Arthur Read, and his family and friends. From keeping secrets to going to the hospital, Arthur manages to handle each situation with imagination, kindness, and humor. WGBH has announced the first season set for Arthur; season This 5 disc set includes 10 episodes mins , plus bonus material.

This DVD set includes: 1. Happy Anniversary 2. Binky Vs. Do You Speak George? What's Cooking? Box set includes 18 great adventures on 5 Discs: 1. Prunella Sees The Light 2. The World of Tomorrow 3. Elwood City Turns !

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Ants In Arthur's Pants 5. Cast Away. Arthur's Music Jamboree includes Then Arthur meets Dr. Fugue- who's as strict as he is odd- and begins to doubt his own abilities. Will Arthur be fired from playing the piano?

When Buster signs up to sell candy for the band, he figures it's easy money-who doesn't love chocolate? Buster soon wishes that somebody loved it more than he does, because he eats it all himself. Will the band be doomed to wear tattered uniforms and play old instruments forever?

Whose music will rule after the greats duke it out in the battle of classical versus jazz? In the second story, will Arthur be exposed as a a baby show lover?

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When he gets hooked on "Love Ducks" he tries to hide it from his friends--not an easy feat since it's on at the same time as the new Bionic Bunny spin-off everyone's talking about! Arthur vs. Will he be able to get through his recital without any mistakes?

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In the second story, can Francine and the Brain put aside their differences for the good of the soccer team? Probably not -- so Arthur and Buster decide to "write" some wrongs.


Even if Muffy survives playing goalie in the big game against Mighty Mountain, will the team survive her dad? The try-outs for the Young Person's Orchestra are coming to Lakewood Elementary and everyone agrees that Binky is a shoe-in, since he's the best musician in school. So why is Binky suddenly refusing to play in band practice? Has Binky turned against the clarinet or against music itself?

Farmer Ken's Puzzle: Lionel won't let Leona play a computer game for ages seven and up because she's four and down. The Fox and the Crow: Walter and Clay Pigeon want The Fox and the Crow banned from the library because they think the book makes birds look like birdbrains. Giants and Cubs: Leona thinks scary giants are coming into the library to clobber lion cubs. Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy?

The Chap with Caps: The Lion family helps a writer fix a story about a chap, a cap, and lots of chattering monkeys. Lionel's Great Escape Trick: Lionel ties himself up with ropes and tries to escape without magic words. Touching the Moon: Leoona keeps the whole family awake because she wants a queen to touch the moon.

Swing open the doors to reveal a wonderful, quirky family of lions in their It's a magical place where characters pop out of the pages of books, vowels sing, and words take on a life of their own. Special DVD features includes downloadable materials in English and Spanish, kindergarten Teachers' Guide, reading tips, and practice sheets. Shooting Stars: The very sleepy Lion family tries to stay up very late at night, so they won't miss the most spectacular meteor shower of the year.

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To the Ship! The Popcorn Popper: Lionel and Leona persuade Click the Mouse to take a magic popcorn popper out of a book and then can't make it stop popping! Hug, Hug, Hug! Piggyback, Piggyback: Leona decides to ride piggyback on her dad's back forever and ever. To the Ship, To the Ship! The Hopping Hen: Everyone in the library goes crazy after Lionel puts up signs about new rules. Be Bop: When cool, jazzy shoes come out of a book and dance all over the library, everybody gets in the groove.

Martha Goes to School: TD thinks it would be funny to put Martha's name on the list for substitute teachers. Truman's Secret: Where has Truman been hiding and why is he acting so weird? Ain't Nothin' but a Pound Dog, part 1: Martha loses her collar and winds up in the animal shelter.

Ain't Nothin' but a Pound Dog, part 2: Martha decides she can't leave her shelter friends behind.

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What's Bothering Bob? He's off his chain and chasing Truman all over town. Raiders of the Lost Art: TD passes in the wrong drawing in art class a rather unflattering caricature of his art teacher. Martha Gets Spooked: Someone, or some ghost, is fixing up the haunted house! Martha Changes Her Luck: Martha walks under a ladder and breaks a mirror so now she thinks she s jinxed. Martha Sings: Martha wakes up singing and she can't stop! There Goes the Neighborhood: Martha can't believe that Helen and Alice are making such a fuss about a kitten. Ice Scream: Alice is shocked to discover that Truman has never actually tried ice cream.

This is a story of competing paths to social change, American identity, and the nature of religion itself. Working in Pakistan, former reporter Asra Nomani found herself pregnant and abandoned by the Pakistani man she thought would be her husband, then her friend Daniel Pearl was murdered.

She and her son returned to her hometown in West Virginia to find that the mosque had been taken over by men she saw as extremists. More than 5, sailors live onboard the USS Nimitz, a nuclear aircraft carrier.

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But a year or two back, on the occasion of a former crusade, I took the pains to study a considerable number of Penny Dreadfuls. Vilnoff, as it would turn out, is apparently a German at one point he exclaims " Ach! Fifth Juv. I, for one, believe that the present state of the juvenile literary market is a disgrace to our common profession, and I am convinced that I have only to appeal to the foremost minds of the country, to find them as willing as I found the old Punch writers to assist me to provide a more healthy and refined form of mental food—even though it be for the young Gentlemen of Great Britain. Has some good reading

All have been forced to leave friends, family and loved ones behind for a six-month deployment to the Persian Gulf, during which they'll face confining quarters, harsh temperatures, extreme work conditions and conflicts over faith and duty. From the Emmy Award-winning, Oscar-nominated producers of the four-part PBS series Great Projects: The Building of America, now comes Building Alaska, a century-long journey with the dedicated and visionary men and women who built Alaska's great engineering projects in the coldest, most remote and forbidding part of the United States.

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This feature-length documentary tells the stories of the great railroads and highways of the late 19th and early 20th century and how they opened the region up to gold and copper mining and made Alaska habitable; of the invasion of Alaska by the Japanese in World War II; and of the biggest earthquake ever in North America all of which helped shape America's 49th state.

What made America? What makes us? Looking to the wider immigrant experience, Professor Gates unravels the American tapestry, following the threads of his guests lives back to their origins around the globe. Along the way, the many stories he uncovers of displacement and homecoming, of material success and dispossession, of assimilation and discrimination illuminate the American experience. For close to two weeks, an Afghan video journalist gained access and traveled a region of Afghanistan that he found was now largely under control of the Taliban "shadow" government.

As the new U.