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Anyone can benefit from spicy eggplant by cultivating it in the yard.


And this reader has put him firmly on her 'must read' list. The citizens of London had just started to relax after a long break from Jack the Ripper murdering and due the emergence of the dead policemen a decision was made to put together a murder squad in the yard with a group of detectives with the sole purpose to detect and solve murders. Inspector Detective Walter Day is new to the squad and has been assigned the murder of one of their own, a member of the elite Murder Squad. Les H. No age restriction There's no age requirement for check-in.

You can plant sparrow eggplant in pots or polybags. This is a trend in farming in narrow yards or generally in urban agriculture. Prepare spicy eggplant seeds. You can buy at the farm shop.

You can choose green or purple wren eggplant or both. Plant seeds or sprigs of eggplant seeds. Soak first in warm water o C for 30 minutes. Drain and then sift on the pot tray or polybags with the seedling media which is a mixture of soil and compost ripe manure. After the seeds are spread, cover with a thin layer of mixture of soil and compost growing media.

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Seeds will germinate at days after sowing. Prepare a pot or polybag as a planting media container.

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Choose polybags with a diameter of 30 cm. For pots, you can choose from earth, plastic, paint cans, or drums.

The bottom of the pot is perforated so that it is not flooded when watered. Also prepare planting media. You can buy at the shops of agricultural production facilities that are packaged in plastic bags.

You can also prepare it yourself with a composition, chaff, manure, the ratio is 1: 1: 1. It can also be soil and manure which has been cooked into compost with a ratio of 1: 1. You can add NPK inorganic fertilizer.

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Add a few pieces of red brick to the bottom of the pot or polybags to control drainage. Then, insert the planting media into a pot or polybag. The Yard Crew have been working hard in the woodwork shop and are ready to offer their beautifully handcrafted goods for sale through Solas Project! Check out the large array of products on offer in The Yard Shop.

CHY Governance Research. The Yard Social Enterprise. Served with ranch and bleu cheese dipping sauce. Try Our Balls! Spring mix lettuce, red onion, roma tomatoes, and cucumbers. Served with ranch and balsamic dressings. Romaine lettuce, diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, diced red onion, feta cheese, mint and parsley.

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Served with lemon vinaigrette. Buffalo Chicken - Pulled Chicken tossed in our signature buffalo sauce. Main content starts here, tab to start navigating Shadyside Menus. Flat Breads.

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