Whittling Away: When the heat goes up, the socks come off
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By Joseph Luzzi, Ph. Share your comments below.

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Definitely among my best reads of the year, and a top contender for my favorite time-travel stories of all time. Steven Spielberg. Easy to follow the jumps, and the chapter headings hammer home what years are covered in the chapter! Earn your Whittling Chip card if you have not already done so. For example, What a Carve Up! Kim Jong-un.

Please read our commenting guidelines before posting. If you have a concern about a comment, report it here. You might also like Sign up for the Thrive Global newsletter Sign Up. Thrive Global. We use cookies on our site to give you the best experience possible. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to this use. I definitely see the issues that she discussed. I'm not sure what was intentional and what wasn't, but Roth made a bit of a mess here. We love Divergent so much, so we were looking forward to this.

Now, we're not so sure. The racial stereotyping is definitely a problem for us, underlying or overt. And the first pages being confusing doesn't seem very enjoyable, but it's good it picks up. Great review Alyssa! Love how it has the pros and con! If you end up reading the book, I hope you enjoy it! Perhaps borrow it from the library before buying it, if anything.

Thank you, ladies! I've been torn on this one I did preorder it because I want that Divergent epilogue I'm one of the very few people who actually liked Allegiant lol But IDK if I'm going to rush to get to this one. Oooo, that makes sense. I'm curious about that epilogue but honestly, if you-know-who isn't coming back to life, then I'm not sure I really care.

Whittling Basics - D-I-Why Not?

Thank you. Hmm, interesting review. I know that I still want to give it a try. I remember when I read an advanced readers copy of Divergent before it came out, and I actually thought it was pretty violent.

So now I'm guessing this one is pretty bad. Thanks for all the heads up on things. This one is soooooo much more violent than Divergent. It is almost excessive, at times. If you read this one, I hope you like it! I have some reservations about reading this book, primarily because I wasn't happy with how she ended the Divergent series. But with your review now I think I'll save my money and wait to borrow it from the library.

I hated the ending of Allegiant I actually didn't even read the book. Borrowing from the library is a very good idea. Thank you, Kathy! I was actually really excited for this book. More so because Roth was writing again! I feel like when authors make it big with Hollywood they quit writing for reasons.

You never really know why, but you just notice that there are no books on the shelves but for those that were made into movies. So yeah, I am excited for this one! I had no issues with Allegiant really and what happened there. I do see why so many people were angry though. It worries me a bit though that you're saying there's two points of view. I would hope Roth didn't repeat herself. It doesn't seem like something she would do. I can only imagine the hate mail she received when Allegiant happened.

But I will admit I admire her strength to write a book with an ending that might not be well received. She saw in her mind that it was the right move for her character. I guess that's why in part, I never had issues with it. Definitely looking forward to this one! Didn't know it was a duology at first and was almost resigning myself to waiting until next year to start it, but no killer cliffhanger you say?

That may change things for me! Not sure though because I do enjoy binging those duologies! That does seem to be a trend! Like Suzanne Collins, and J.

http://spielelieferant.de/error/singleschiff/5.php Rowling kind of. I didn't really talk about Allegiant here? Allegiant is its own thing. Carve the Mark has so many problems and the problems have nothing to do with Allegiant. It is a duology!

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I could see myself reading the second book, to see how it all ends. Thank you, Jessica! Glad to know it's worth the hype. I read and loved Divergent, but never finished the series since some of the DC YA group hated the last book! I'm looking forward to this one though.

Thanks for the review Alyssa :.

Veronica Roth’s Twist in Carve the Mark

I didn't like Allegiant! Though I didn't read it, to be honest. I know all about the ending and I will never read the book. I'm so torn about if I want to read this book or not. I really wanted to read this one at first, but I can fully understand the issues people have with it. I don't even know. I also really hated the last Divergent book so I may avoid any more of her books because of that alone haha. I know what you mean! I loved Divergent but was not a fan of the rest of the series. I think she is one of those authors that revels in awful endings, so I'm scared of the sequel of this book.

Lovely review sweet girl. I think I will love the characters and the romance too :D Yay! Thank you, Carina! I hope you enjoy the book are you still reading it? Probably not? I'm late on replying to these comments. I have a question. It might sound silly or whatever but when I have the chance I try to find the specific editions of the specific books I fall love with.

I know Veronica Roth has made 2 versions of this book's cover, this is the current cover although she softly announced that it would come hardcover and I would've bought it in my mother tonge if it had come hardcover into the Spanish translated version.

Divergent by Veronica Roth – review

I like this one as it comes with the stellar map softly carved in the dark-blue hardcover a part from the current protective cover. I've find a hardcover in original version on amazon and I just wanted to know if Veronica has released hardcover versions in other countries or whatever. I think it's just the USA version that is hardcover.

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I don't know that any of the other versions are hardcover! Most are softcover, form what I've seen. Great review. I agree about the violence aspect, like; i don't mind some realistic violence but this is a little over the top. The way I see it, Carve the Mark is basically Divergent mixed with Star Wars with more violence than both, and less romance than Divergent.

I sure hope the second one doesn't turn out like Allegi-- i mean I'm glad you agree! It seems too brutal and almost necessary, at times.