Wiedersehen in Dresden (German Edition)

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Although GHS is losing a language, Basile stresses that the language program is still strong compared to other schools in the region.

The removal of German class officially went into effect on the first day of second semester. Many current and past German students were upset to hear the news. Many GHS students have been given unique opportunities through Pasch, which is a program run by the German government to immerse students across the globe in the German language and culture. GHS was a Pasch school up until last year, but this status was revoked as a result of low enrollment in German.

As most students would agree, the best part of taking German was the chance to travel the world over the summer.

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Students were also able to study for free on the west coast with other Americans each summer. Like Ono, many students will miss the international lense German offered GHS, both inside the classroom and out. Great picture.

Dresden is BEAUTIFUL - Germany Vlog 03

Good article. Only the greeting on the poster is inverted. I too m very unhappy about the ending of the German program.

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I taught German at GHS for 29years. It was a great program and I still have contact with several former students. Celestino called me before Christmas and asked if I would be willing to finish out the year.

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I agreed and went to the school to meet with the current teacher who was leaving after the holidays. I asked for a contract, consistent with the current teacher contract, but that was refused. So when they say they were unable to find a teacher, that is not correct. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Name required.

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Hard to imagine that there were German immigrants here at one time! It seems like there are more people nowadays with tattoos than there used to be — of the body art is hidden, but most are quite visible. I was 25 years old and I had just spent a year in Australia. Sometimes I think that my students in Germany taught me more than I taught them. Teaching is a funny thing and demands your all. It is utterly exhausting and wonderful all at once.

I really like the German word for goodbye. Auf Wiedersehen. There is nothing very good about leaving people you love, leaving a place you love.

To say that re-entry into my own country, Canada, has been an emotional roller coaster so far, is a rather massive North American sized understatement. First of all, I should say that I absolutely adore Hamburg, and I really enjoy living in Germany and feel lucky to have had this chance. But, as with every country, city and culture including my own , there are things that drive a person crazy. I know in two weeks when I board the plane back to Vancouver and say a final goodbye to Hamburg, Germany I am going to bawl my eyes out.

I never expected it, but this city and country found a place in my heart and grabbed on tight. Every so often in life we are given opportunities that seem too good to good to be true. I recently took advantage of one of these golden opportunities and for the past two and a half months I have been working as a Canadian summer student at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg, Germany.

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One of the best parts of teaching English in Germany for me really has to be the funny mistakes my students make. But German, well, trying to learn this complex and challenging language has made me want to throw in this heavy, hyper-structured linguistic towel almost every other week, or sometimes every other day. I arrived in Hamburg with one suitcase, no job, a bit of money, a broken heart but a spirit ready for adventure. This post has been percolating in my mind for a while now, and like any decent cup of coffee, I think it is nice and strong and ready to be enjoyed.

It all comes down to this — every single day I live here I notice a new contradiction in German culture. Happy belated New Year from Hamburg! How do I love thee Hamburg?

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Let me count the ways! Since Christmas is coming, I thought I would put on my hat of positivity and focus on some of my favourite things about living in Hamburg, Germany. But before you come… here are a few things you might want to know. This is my third time living abroad and it always manages to bite me in the butt.

German is ridiculously hard to master. It is kicking my butt every single day. But, I refuse to give up!